Classroom Audio

Purchase audio systems, headphones, microphones, and classroom audio accessories from manufacturers such as Anchor Audio and SMART Technologies on RFP-backed contracts. Buy Audio Enhancement CS-12 speaker and Cyber Acoustics AC 204 headset through OETC.

Classroom Audio RFP

Contract Number OETC-16R-ClassroomAudio
Contract Duration Oct 10, 2016 — Oct 08, 2021
Renewals 2
Description Classroom Audio Solutions including Classroom Audio, Microphones, Speakers, Audio Systems
Categories Classroom Audio Accessories

Educational Audio Solutions ITB

Contract Number OETC-19I-EducationalAudio
Contract Duration Jan 02, 2020 — Jan 01, 2023
Renewals 3
Description Audio solutions for educational environments, including classrooms.
Categories Classroom Audio