Networking and Security

Purchase networking and security hardware and software and accessories and licenses from manufacturers such as Google, Microsoft, and others on RFP-backed contracts. Buy Google Chrome OS Management Console and Epson Wireless LAN Module through OETC.

Advanced Technology Solutions Aggregator RFP

Contract Number R14ESC-01-97
Contract Duration Aug 01, 2019 — Jul 31, 2022
Renewals 2
Description Value added technology products and services contract
Categories Classroom Visual Networking and Security Computers

Networking RFP

Contract Number OETC-20R-Networking
Contract Duration Mar 25, 2020 — Mar 24, 2023
Renewals 3
Description Networking products and services and E-rate Eligible Category 2 Networking Products and Services
Categories Networking Hardware

Physical Security (2019) ITB

Contract Number OETC-19I-PhysicalSecurity
Contract Duration Jul 19, 2019 — Jul 18, 2022
Renewals 3
Description Physical Security Products and Services
Categories Security Hardware

Securly Direct Agreement

Contract Number OETC-18D-Securly
Contract Duration Feb 21, 2018 — Feb 20, 2024
Renewals 3
Description Securly web filtering services and implementation
Categories Web Filters