Networking and Security

Purchase networking and security hardware and software and accessories and licenses from manufacturers such as Google, Microsoft, and others on RFP-backed contracts. Buy Google Chrome OS Management Console and Epson Wireless LAN Module through OETC.

APCON Network Security RFP

Contract Number OETC-16R-APCON
Contract Duration Dec 12, 2016 — Dec 11, 2019
Renewals 3
Description Contract for APCON Network Security and Monitoring and ExtraHop Ransomware Protection.
Categories Networking and Security

Networking RFP

Contract Number OETC-16R-Networking
Contract Duration Feb 01, 2017 — Jun 23, 2023
Renewals 0
Description Networking Hardware, Software, and Security. Networking and Networking Security as a Service. Installation and Maintenance Services
Categories Networking and Security Networking Hardware Networking Software Security Software Security Hardware

Securly Direct Agreement

Contract Number OETC-18D-Securly
Contract Duration Feb 21, 2018 — Feb 20, 2021
Renewals 3
Description Securly web filtering services and implementation
Categories Web Filters