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Contract Number: OETC-19I-Archiving-PageFreezer

Contract Details

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Contract Number OETC-19I-Archiving-PageFreezer
Contract Duration Jul 31, 2019 — Jul 30, 2022
Renewals 3
Description A joint cooperative procurement by the public K-12 and Higher Education members of the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC).
Categories Software

Solicitation Details

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Solicitation Type ITB
Solicitation Announcement URL Announcement Url
Solicitation Duration Mar 26, 2019 — Apr 26, 2019
Advertised States Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, California, Alaska
Advertisement (PDF) OETC-19I-Archiving-PageFreezer Advertisement.pdf
ITB Document OETC-19I-Archiving-PageFreezer ITB.pdf

Contract Awards



Award Holder PageFreezer
Award PDF OETC-19I-Archiving-PageFreezer-pagefreezer.pdf