Epson ELPAP09 Quick Wireless Connect USB key - wireless USB key


Epson ELPAP09 Quick Wireless Connect USB key - Wireless USB key - for Epson EB-G7000, G7200, G7400, G7500, G7805, L1105; BrightLink 425, 43X, 455, 475, 48X

OETC Part: EP-V12H005M09 | MFG Part: V12H005M09

Office Supplies $ 77.00

Use the Quick Wireless Connection USB Key provides fast, ad hoc, wireless connectivity. There is no need to connect over a network. In a matter of seconds, the key will download the information necessary for setup. When you're done, simply disconnect, and your original settings are restored - no reconfiguration required.

Compatibility Information

Spec Value
Designed For Epson EB-1400Wi, EB-1410Wi [240V], EB-1420WI, EB-1430Wi, EB-1760W, EB-1761W, EB-1770W, EB-1771W, EB-1775W, EB-1776W, EB-1915, EB-1925W, EB-1925W Football Edition, EB-1935, EB-1945W, EB-1955, EB-1965, EB-1970W, EB-1975W, EB-1985WU, EB-420, EB-420 LW, EB-425W, EB-425W LW, EB-430, EB-430 LW, EB-435W, EB-4550, EB-455Wi, EB-455Wi LW, EB-455WT, EB-4650, EB-465i, EB-465i LW, EB-465T, EB-470, EB-470 NS, EB-470W, EB-4750W, EB-475W, EB-475W NS, EB-475Wi, EB-475Wi NS, EB-4770W, EB-480, EB-480 NS, EB-4850WU, EB-485W, EB-485Wi, EB-4950WU, EB-520, EB-525W, EB-530, EB-530 S, EB-535W, EB-536WI, EB-570, EB-585W, EB-585Wi, EB-585WS, EB-595Wi, EB-905, EB-905 LW, EB-915W, EB-915W LW, EB-925, EB-925 LW, EB-93, EB-93 LW, EB-93e, EB-93H, EB-945H, EB-95, EB-95 LW, EB-955WH, EB-965H, EB-96W, EB-96W LW, EB-98H, EB-D6155W, EB-D6250, EB-G5450WU, EB-G5650W, EB-G5650WNL, EB-G5750WU, EB-G5750WUNL, EB-G5950, EB-G5950NL, EB-G6050W, EB-G6070W, EB-G6250W, EB-G6270W, EB-G6350, EB-G6370, EB-G6550WU, EB-G6570WU, EB-G6650WU, EB-G6770WU, EB-G7000W, EB-G7000WNL, EB-G7200W, EB-G7200WNL, EB-G7400U, EB-G7400UNL, EB-G7500UNL, EB-G7800, EB-G7805, EB-G7900U, EB-G7905U, EB-G7905UNL, EB-L1100U, EB-L1105U, EB-L1200U, EB-L1300U, EB-L1405U, EB-L1500U, EB-L1505U, EB-S03, EB-S04, EB-S17, EB-S18, EB-S27, EB-S31, EB-U04, EB-U32, EB-W03, EB-W04, EB-W18, EB-W28, EB-W29, EB-W31, EB-W32, EB-X03, EB-X18, EB-X24, EB-X27, EB-X31, EB-Z10000U, EB-Z10005U, EB-Z11000, EB-Z11000W, EB-Z11005, EB-Z8455WU, EB-Z8455WUNL, EB-Z9750U, EB-Z9800W, EB-Z9870, EB-Z9875U, EB-Z9900W, EH-TW420, EH-TW480, EH-TW570, EMP-7950, EMP-7950NL, EMP-9300, EMP-9300NL ¦ Epson BrightLink 425Wi Interactive, 430i Interactive, 435Wi Interactive, 455Wi Interactive, 455Wi-T Interactive, 455Wi-V Interactive, 475Wi Interactive, 480i Interactive, 485Wi Interactive ¦ Epson Offirio EB-430, EB-435W ¦ Epson PowerLite 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 430, 470, 475W, 480, 485W, 93+, Pro G5450WU, Pro G5650W, Pro G5950, Pro Z8455WUNL


Spec Value
Product Type Wireless USB key
  Higher ED K-12 Other
Alabama  Available  Available  Available
Alaska  Available  Available  Available
Arizona  Available  Available  Available
Arkansas  Available  Available  Available
California  Available  Available  Available
Colorado  Available  Available  Available
Connecticut  Available  Available  Available
Delaware  Available  Available  Available
District of Columbia  Available  Available  Available
Florida  Available  Available  Available
Georgia  Available  Available  Available
Hawaii  Available  Available  Available
Idaho  Available  Available  Available
Illinois  Available  Available  Available
Indiana  Available  Available  Available
Iowa  Available  Available  Available
Kansas  Available  Available  Available
Kentucky  Available  Available  Available
Louisiana  Available  Available  Available
Maine  Available  Available  Available
Maryland  Available  Available  Available
Massachusetts  Available  Available  Available
Michigan  Available  Available  Available
Minnesota  Available  Available  Available
Mississippi  Available  Available  Available
Missouri  Available  Available  Available
Montana  Available  Available  Available
Nebraska  Available  Available  Available
Nevada  Available  Available  Available
New Hampshire  Available  Available  Available
New Jersey  Available  Available  Available
New Mexico  Available  Available  Available
New York  Available  Available  Available
North Carolina  Available  Available  Available
North Dakota  Available  Available  Available
Ohio  Available  Available  Available
Oklahoma  Available  Available  Available
Oregon  Available  Available  Available
Pennsylvania  Available  Available  Available
Rhode Island  Available  Available  Available
South Carolina  Available  Available  Available
South Dakota  Available  Available  Available
Tennessee  Available  Available  Available
Texas  Available  Available  Available
Utah  Available  Available  Available
Vermont  Available  Available  Available
Virginia  Available  Available  Available
Washington  Available  Available  Available
West Virginia  Available  Available  Available
Wisconsin  Available  Available  Available
Wyoming  Available  Available  Available