Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition - subscription license (2 years) - 1 user


Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition - Subscription license (2 years) - 1 user - academic - Mac


  • Seamlessly run Windows-based business applications on the Mac

    With Parallels Desktop for Mac, your Mac users can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side with speed, control and confidence. Business users can experience as much or as little Windows as they want. Multiple view modes make it possible for users to customize the level of integration between Mac and Windows without compromising performance.

  • Easily fit into existing business processes

    Simplify administration with Parallels Desktop Mass Deployment Application for lights-out deployment capabilities reducing the time and expense to roll out the solution. Deploy and manage Parallels client software and virtual machines through standardized Mac software distribution and systems management tools.

  • Simplify licensing compliance

    Simplify license compliance and auditing across the company with a unified Parallels Desktop for Mac volume license key. This license key ensures business support entitlements and access to the latest software updates and versions without the burden of managing individual endpoint licenses.

  • All-inclusive subscription license

    Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition subscriptions are an all-inclusive offering. This offering includes business class support with priority phone and email access, ongoing software updates, major version upgrades and access to beta software.

  • Unified volume license activation key simplifies key management by eliminating the hassle of managing individual end user licenses

  • Streamlined business interface eliminates individual user registration requirement, third party product installation options as well as in product notifications while adding a customizable "request support" menu action to direct users to internal help desk resources

  • Configurable software update policy to enforce change management policies enabling control over the frequency and location of Parallels software updates

  • Local update server option to support company managed software update policies

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Mass Deployment Application enables centralized configuration and distribution packages for Parallels Desktop and pre-configured virtual machines enabling "lights-out" deployments

Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition provides IT administrators the ability to support Windows-based applications for Mac users with a configurable, policy-compliant solution that easily fits into existing IT business processes. Say yes to Macs while meeting your internal requirements.

With the ability to support corporate policy compliance, simplification of mass deployments and streamlining of the business user experience, Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition is built on the world's top-rated, most-trusted solution for running Windows applications on the Mac.


Spec Value
Category Utilities - desktop virtualization
Product Type Subscription license - 2 years
Platform MacOS


Spec Value
License Type 1 user
License Pricing Academic

System Requirements

Spec Value
Supported OS Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.6.3 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion
Hardware Requirements Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later - RAM 2 GB - HD 500 MB ¦ Apple MacOS X 10.6.3 or later - RAM 2 GB - HD 500 MB ¦ Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion - RAM 2 GB - HD 500 MB
  Higher ED K-12 Other
Alabama  Available  Available  Available
Alaska  Available  Available  Available
Arizona  Available  Available  Available
Arkansas  Available  Available  Available
California  Available  Available  Available
Colorado  Available  Available  Available
Connecticut  Available  Available  Available
Delaware  Available  Available  Available
District of Columbia  Available  Available  Available
Florida  Available  Available  Available
Georgia  Available  Available  Available
Hawaii  Available  Available  Available
Idaho  Available  Available  Available
Illinois  Available  Available  Available
Indiana  Available  Available  Available
Iowa  Available  Available  Available
Kansas  Available  Available  Available
Kentucky  Available  Available  Available
Louisiana  Available  Available  Available
Maine  Available  Available  Available
Maryland  Available  Available  Available
Massachusetts  Available  Available  Available
Michigan  Available  Available  Available
Minnesota  Available  Available  Available
Mississippi  Available  Available  Available
Missouri  Available  Available  Available
Montana  Available  Available  Available
Nebraska  Available  Available  Available
Nevada  Available  Available  Available
New Hampshire  Available  Available  Available
New Jersey  Available  Available  Available
New Mexico  Available  Available  Available
New York  Available  Available  Available
North Carolina  Available  Available  Available
North Dakota  Available  Available  Available
Ohio  Available  Available  Available
Oklahoma  Available  Available  Available
Oregon  Available  Available  Available
Pennsylvania  Available  Available  Available
Rhode Island  Available  Available  Available
South Carolina  Available  Available  Available
South Dakota  Available  Available  Available
Tennessee  Available  Available  Available
Texas  Available  Available  Available
Utah  Available  Available  Available
Vermont  Available  Available  Available
Virginia  Available  Available  Available
Washington  Available  Available  Available
West Virginia  Available  Available  Available
Wisconsin  Available  Available  Available
Wyoming  Available  Available  Available