Acer makes extremely high quality Chromebooks that cater to the needs of small and large school districts. The Acer Chromebook is leading in its class, especially in price points, screen quality, keyboard quality and specialized features. Purchasing Acer Chromebooks allows you to maximize your spending power by focusing on a single brand. All schools–small and large–can achieve better savings by focusing their spending on a single manufacturer. Very few manufacturers offer a Chromebook portfolio that has the variety in sizes, speed, pricing and overall quality to meet a district’s needs as well as Acer.

Acer has partnered with OETC to sell Chromebooks through an RFP-backed contract.

Chromebook Features

Battery Capacity and Life

Chromebooks have enough battery in their first year to last for long periods of time, but by the third year teachers spend a significant amount of time charging Chromebooks with smaller batteries. OETC member districts keep their Chromebooks for around 3–5 years, and have found that larger batteries have provided significant value by adding more capacity at the end of the device’s life. Acer Chromebooks are equipped with large batteries that have significantly higher battery capacity and life than competing Chromebooks.


Acer Chromebooks are equipped with full, anti-glare HD screens for comfortable viewing. With a variety of screen sizes between 11.6 inches to 14 inches and touch screen options, your district or institution can find the best display Chromebooks have to offer.

Wireless Connection

The Acer Chromebook features the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, for a smooth internet experience at connection speeds that are up to three times faster than that of previous-generation wireless technologies.

Sleek, Durable Body Design

At less than an inch thin and extremely light, the Acer Chromebook is the perfect tool for students who are on-the-go. Plus, it sports a fan-less design for whisper-quiet computing. The Acer CB3 Chromebook features a complete aluminum alloy encasement for increased durability.

Support Services

Acer provides great customer support. In addition to the industry standard one year warranty, districts that purchase 100 units or more are eligible for Acer Premier Support. This support provides:

  • A 1-800 number with a guaranteed hold time of less than six seconds.
  • Connection to tier 2 support, which is defined as a person in the United States who has been providing support for a minimum of 6 years.

Contact OETC for volume discounts and special pricing on Acer products.

To learn more about how to purchase Acer products through OETC, view the How to Purchase page.