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Adobe VIP Licensing for K-12

Adobe is a multinational computer software company that manufactures superior multimedia and creativity software products. Adobe has partnered with OETC through an RFP-backed contract to offer a variety of Adobe product licensing options to the OETC Membership.

Licensing Options

OETC offers two ways to license Creative Cloud: Adobe ETLA and Adobe VIP.

Adobe ETLA and Adobe VIP are FTE-based subscription licenses that enable OETC K-12 and Hi-Ed members to purchase the latest Creative Cloud software while benefiting from the larger buying power of the consortium, gaining the convenience of a single FTE-based purchase, and achieving budget certainty for keeping up-to-date with Adobe products.

Adobe ETLA for K-12 and Hi-Ed

Adobe ETLA and VIP licensing options vary depending on whether you are a K-12 or Higher Education Institution. Contact us to learn about which option is best for your institution.