ASUS has a broad portfolio that spans motherboards, desktop PC’s, smartphones, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and more. Our products provides latest technologies and designs for the classroom. Partnering closely with resellers and other manufacturers, ASUS provides the technology and support your school needs to empower your teachers and students. ASUS also works very closely with its customers to ensure that all needs are met. See our resources section to learn more about what ASUS can do for you.

ASUS develops its education products specifically for K-12 environments. Our team takes feedback from teachers, IT teams, and even students to ensure that our products are designed specifically for K-12. Our ruggedized laptops and Chromebooks target K-8 while some of our more powerful laptops and Chromebooks cater to older students and High Schools. Our lineup is designed to operate in and out of the classroom and for both students and teachers. Check out some of our education laptops and Chromebooks to see how they can fit in your environment.

ASUS works very closely with Google and Microsoft on Chromebooks and Windows laptops respectively in order to develop technology that works and ensure that it is supported for as long as you need it.

Shad J Philbrook
Regional Sales Manager - West
Cell: (510) 320-8204