CDI has worked with educational institutions for over 19 years and have gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by technical staff in a school or university environment. They have helped over 10,000 customers improve their computing power and continue to successfully implement some of the largest roll-outs within the education sector. They provide new, brand name PCs, Laptops, Servers and more at low prices combined with great warranties and service.

OETC and CDI have partnered to provide Chromebooks and furniture on RFP-backed contracts.

Tablets and Chromebooks

CDI tablets are offered in 10.1 inch and 8 inch sizes. These rugged tablets for education have an active touch screen, front and rear cameras, attachable keyboard with optional additional battery, and a standard one year warrenty that serves the needs of busy classrooms.

CDI Chromebooks are offered in a variety of sizes and are drop-resistant to meet the needs of education. CDI Chromebooks have an anti-glare screen, handle for carrying, and rugged design.

Laptop Carriers

OETC offers 32-device and 20-device MobiLab laptop carriers through CDI. These laptop carriers have a lifetime warrenty, charging and storage capacities, and retractable stowed tambour doors. A venting design allows for natural convective airflow to aid in cooling when doors are closed and lateral airflow when doors are open. Power Management Dividers provide a cord management solution by wrapping the power cords around the divider and are removable to facilitate the storage of other devices when all slots are not in use.

To learn more about how to purchase CDI products through OETC, view the How to Purchase page.