CTL Computers

Computer Technology Link (CTL) currently manufactures and markets CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, CTL Servers and Nexus TVs.

CTL Computers was founded in Portland, Oregon and is based in the Pacific Northwest. While the company has since grown to an international scope, CTL is positioned to offer the personalized customer service of a small company, while still easily handling orders from large institutions. CTL Computers makes quality Chromebooks that are price aggressive for their specifications. The CTL Chromebook comes equipped with reinforced ports, a water-resistant keyboard, a non-slip texture and a low-profile carry handle that makes it an ideal device for students.

CTL has partnered with OETC to sell Chromebooks, servers, computers and related peripherals through an RFP-backed contract.

Chromebook Features

Battery Strength

The battery life of the CTL Chromebook is longer than many competing Chromebooks at a competitive price point. CTL Chromebooks contain 3,400 mhA polymer batteries that provide up to 14 hours of battery life.


CTL Chromebooks are equipped with LED, anti-glare HD screens for comfortable viewing. With a variety of screen sizes between 11.6 inches to 28 inches and touchscreen options available, your district or institution can find the best display Chromebooks have to offer.

Lightweight, Durable Body Design

The CTL Chromebook features a lightweight, durable design with a textured cover for easy carrying. At only 2.4 pounds, the CTL Chromebook is about 20% lighter than many other popular Chromebook models. It’s only .75 inches wide, making it easy to slip into a backpack or bookbag.

Pressure-Resistant X Option

CTL Chromebooks now offer a new X option that feature a rigid cover on the device that can withstand up to 365 pounds of crushing force. The cover also doubles as a whiteboard for more collaborative learning.

Support Services

CTL Chromebooks come with a standard on year warranty, as well as one year of Securly content filtering and analysis, allowing schools and parents to easily set automatic website and app filtering policies.

Contact OETC for volume discounts and special pricing on CTL products.

To learn more about how to purchase CTL products through OETC, view the How to Purchase page.