Epson’s vision is to drive Digital Image Innovation by providing cutting-edge imaging solutions, focused on the fields of imaging on paper, imaging on screen, and imaging on glass.

Epson provides a comprehensive suite of products, resources and special pricing for education markets, including both K-12 and Higher Education. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, member of a school technical staff or other K-12 affiliated customer, Epson will assist you with your search for the right products for your classrooms. Epson products provide higher education institutions with the resources they need to guide their students into the future. Epson is proud to be a part of your quest for the right learning tools.

Epson has partnered with OETC to provide classroom visual equipment through an RFP-backed contract.

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors easily make a dry erase board, plain wall or table an interactive display. They are the perfect interactive whiteboard alternative. Engage the entire classroom with the pen or finger touch enabled projector designed to share lessons from computers, iOS and Android devices, or no device at all.

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Document Cameras

Engage students like never before with Epson´s easy-to-use document cameras. Capture and display books, 3D objects and experiments with remarkable clarity. Display content from your iPad® or tablet, record lessons for viewing at a later time, and give your students a more interactive learning experience.

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Classroom Projectors

Budget-friendly classroom projectors provide quick and simple setup tools while advanced networking classroom projectors include features such as premium audio and wireless moderator display controls. Epson projectors are networkable with remote management, quality audio and software to allow teachers to wirelessly control which devices are projected.

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Large Room Projectors

Advanced, bright, networkable projectors with remote web monitoring and control features and robust wireless security for boardrooms or medium-to-large sized meeting rooms or lecture halls with ambient light.

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Large Venue Installation Projectors

Large venue installation projectors provide the highest brightness combined with many advanced features, including power lenses and dual lamps on some models.

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Ultra-Portable Projectors

Lightweight, thin, and bright mobile projectors that are quick and simple to set up anywhere.

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Education Projector Accessories

Education peripherals, such as sound enhancement systems, carts, mounts and other essential accessories allow you to get the most from your Epson projectors.

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Inkjet Printers

Epson Inkjet printers are Windows and Mac compatible.

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Epson scanners are Windows and Mac compatible.

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All-In-One Printers

Epson All-In-One Printers feature ultra high ink capacities and ultra low-cost replacement inks for convenience, quality and reliability, all in one incredible printer.

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To learn more about how to purchase Epson products through OETC, view the How to Purchase page.