Hitachi LCD Projectors use 3LCD technology to deliver clear, vibrant, true-to-life and consistent images with high color light output.

Hitachi projectors are transforming K-12 classrooms of all sizes into true learning centers. Bright, vivid colors with razor-sharp text and bold graphics will truly enhance any lesson and make it more memorable.


  • Installation LCD Projectors
  • Classroom and Conference Room LCD Projectors
  • Interactive LCD Projectors
  • Ultra Short Throw LCD Projectors
  • Short Throw LCD Projectors
  • Entry Projectors
  • Networking Projectors

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For Interactive Projectors

  • Finger Touch Unit for Interactive Projectors
  • FT-01 Finger Touch Unit Quick Start Guide
  • FT-01B Finger Touch Unit Quick Start Guide
  • Interactive Software


  • 700 Series Optional Lenses for Installation Projectors
  • 900 Series Optional Lenses for Professional Projectors
  • FL-910 Ultra Short Throw Lens
  • Lamp Replacement Cross Reference

Quick Connect iOS App

  • With DHCP on
  • With DHCP off


  • USB Wireless Adapter
  • Wireless Capabilities

MS-1 and MS-1WL Switchers

Wallmounts & Adapters

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