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Microsoft Select Plus is a perpetual license program that simplifies budgeting and allows you to purchase only as many licenses as you need. Instead of having to renew software licenses, Select Plus allows you to purchase under a single licensing agreement without any specific end date.

Select Plus is flexible. You can purchase software for any level of your institution (i.e. by department, by school, etc.) while maintaining the benefits of high volume purchasing.

You can access new product versions with an optional Microsoft Software Assurance benefit that can be purchased with a Select Plus license. Software Assurance provides software upgrade rights for a defined period of time. New Version Rights can be renewed for any Select Plus license after the initial purchase so that you can continue to receive those benefits.

Software Assurance also provides several other benefits, including online training tools and security support.

Learn more about Software Assurance from Microsoft.

Need help deciding which licensing program to choose? Visit our support center or call (800) 650-8250 to speak with our staff to begin your enrollment today.

OETC staff are always happy to answer questions about Microsoft licensing. In addition, below are a few useful contacts at Microsoft who can help you with Microsoft-related questions.

  • For Office 365 Inquiries: contact If support related, please submit a ticket through your Office 365 admin portal.
  • For questions about license keys and activation: contact or call (866)-230-0560 with your enrollment number.
  • For questions about Microsoft Azure: visit the Microsoft Azure Support Page and submit a ticket.