Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services.

Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS Company, is redefining connectivity around the globe. We innovate across wireless and wired technologies to meet industry-specific network requirements, even in the most demanding use cases. Our high-performance network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services, no matter how tough the environment.

When connectivity really matters, Ruckus has you covered.

Reliable Wi-Fi

Our passion is highlighted by 100+ RF patents that provide the strongest wireless connections and enable our access points (APs) to automatically adapt to non-ideal placement or changing conditions. Moreover, it has been independently proven that only Ruckus can sustain 60 HD video streams with just one AP*. Supporting more students with fewer APs means significant savings for your school.

Scalable Switching

Our switches support long distance stacking between closets, floors and buildings, while Ruckus Campus Fabric allows up to 1,800 ports to be managed under a single IP address. In addition, entry-level switch uplinks can be upgraded from 1GbE to 10GbE with just a software license. Similarly, our high-performance access switch uplinks can be upgraded to 40GbE or 100GbE.

Simple Security

We make securing every connection to your school network easy, with identity-based policies that facilitate rapid guest access on-boarding. This means an end to passwords and trouble tickets for Wi-Fi access. We also support CIPA compliance by allowing the restoration of content filtering for HTTPS traffic.

Easy Cloud

Ruckus Wi-Fi is now in the cloud and easier than ever to manage. Plus, our intuitive smartphone app allows you to deploy, monitor and manage APs on the go. And even when your subscription expires, the APs are still able serve your clients.

Optimal for Chromebooks

Our Ruckus Cloudpath Chrome Extension enables simple network provisioning with a single click – and verifies which Chromebooks are school property. Moreover, only Ruckus can sustain 60 HD video streams with just one AP*. We also support CIPA compliance by allowing the restoration of content filtering for HTTPS traffic.

Future Proof

Our ICX access switch uplinks can be upgraded without replacing the switch. We also support stacking up to 12 switches, while Campus Fabric supports up to 36 switches with a single pane of glass. Our flexible switch deployment options include standalone, stacking and Campus Fabric (with the same switches). With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, you can easily add APs,as well as in-building LTE or Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. For the latter two, simply plug into pre-existing APs – without ripping and replacing!

Affordable Multi-Gigabit

Our purpose-built multi-gigabit APs and switches are designed to work together. We offered the first entry-level multi-gigabit switch, with up to 16 multi-gigabit (2.5GbE) ports per 48-port switch, and up to 8 x 10GbE uplinks without over subscription. Our premium multi-gigabit access switch offers 24 x 1/2.5/5/10GbE ports with 40/100 GbE uplink ports. These multi-gigabit switches offer full PoE/PoE+ on all ports (up to 90W per port).

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Smart Living

Home-away-from-home experience starts with fast internet connections, but with IoT can be so much more. Smart Homes have raised expectations, with Ring video doorbells, Nest thermostats and Amazon Echo featuring Alexa. Convenience and control have never been higher!

A smart lifestyle at campus includes mobile apps which provide services like wayfinding to class, personal student networks for privacy, parking spot locating and campus traffic maps, in-building LTE to call mom, and more!

Smart Learning

Institutions can unleash amazing new capabilities to redefine lecture halls, create more flexible and collaborative workspaces, and create new and interesting data-driven curricula. How can IoT help?

Students in a variety of courses—public policy, statistics, environmental studies, psychology, mathematics, computer science—now have a wealth of real-world data, drawn from their own campus environment, to study and apply to their projects. All of a sudden, course work that used to be conducted largely in the abstract has concrete, real impact in engaging students in campus life.

Smart Security and Safety

As innovative institutions embrace IoT technologies, they’re finding that the same platform that supports digital learning and connected experiences can enable applications that make campus safer and more secure for everyone living there.

A Smart Campus integrates disparate security technologies into a unified system, allowing you to create safety and security services that are much more than the sum of their parts. Multiple components—lighting, surveillance cameras, alarms, smart ID cards—can now work together to make automated real-time decisions that keep everyone on campus safer.

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Category Manufacturer Line % off of EDU MSRP
Routers Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 44%
Switches Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 44%
Access Points, Controller Appliances, Access Point licenses, Accessories Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 37%
Virtual SmartZone Controller, Cloudpath Server Software, Ruckus Cloud Management Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 10%
ICX Support Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 25%
AP and Cloud Support Ruckus Wireless, Inc. 5%

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