HelloID is Tools4ever's cloud-based solution developed to provide system administrators with centralized access and data management and end users with streamlined access to resources via a single login and self-service resource requests. HelloID connects with over 500 applications, Learning Tools, Learning Management Systems, and other education and operational resources.

HelloID integrates with Active Directory (AD), Chromebooks, Tools4ever's solutions, and more. Integration with AD supports just-in-time provisioning upon first login, setting up each SSO account to mirror the attributes and groups given to the user's AD account. With Chromebook integration enabled, HelloID's login replaces Google's prompt (unless Google accounts are used in place of AD for students). Self-service options like password resets help cut down on helpdesk backlog.

HelloID's Self-Service capabilities enable employees to request and administrators to enforce changes automatically to the network settings without contributing to the helpdesk's workload. Self-Service makes it possible to assemble a product catalog of applications and resources to make available for request to the users within organization. Rather than a paper form or a ticket submitted without any context, all requests will be immediately sent to the appropriate owner or manager of that resource for rapid response - even from within the email notification on their phone.

HelloID's Data management helps to automate and assist with controlling access to folders and shares by designating "Owners" based upon real-world, district operations. Data access requests are sent to these "Owners," who manage user access while HelloID automatically creates groups and folders, creates Access Control Lists (ACLs) in directories, grants specific users access, and all other necessary actions.

All of a user's activity within HelloID is tracked and logged to help compile audit trails for security and compliance efforts. Additional security features such as access policies, multi-factor authentication, date/time restrictions, and more provide additional security.

  • One Login, One Portal, Any App
  • Chromebook SSO integration for one-stop access
  • Just-in-time SSO provisioning via AD integration - including user attributes and groups at the very first login
  • Access management for cloud resources
  • 500+ apps and learning resources - with rapid setup for new apps and connectors even for those without contemporary SSO support (via SAML, Form Post, etc.)
  • Self-Service processes supporting rapid resource requests and approvals
  • Data and Group Management functionality for easily controlling access to folders and shares
  • Configurable security features including access policies, multifactor authentication, RADIUS server integration, and more
  • Monitor login attempts and user activity for security and compliance efforts