IAM is Tools4ever's central Identity and Access Management solution, combining user account management, provisioning, delegation, and Access Governance (AG) capabilities. IAM revolves around each individual's specific identity - termed the "Core Identity" - to drive all processes, from account creation, provisioning and downstream synchronizing, to resource requests and disabling inactive users.

The "Core Identity" does not use any individual's personally identifiable information (PII). Access Governance auto-manages user's individual access rights to resources and file system locations, modeling and setting authorizations according to user's roles (student, teacher, system administrator, etc.). IAM features reporting and logging capabilities for gathering intelligence on user accounts and activity as well as supporting security and compliance efforts.

  • Manage all district identities - compiled from non-sensitive SIS, HR, and other source data for students, teachers, and staff - in a central dashboard with configurable logic
  • Synchronize all source systems with AD and downstream to SSO, cloud resources, and applications such as G Suite, PowerSchool, and Office 365
  • Automate user account lifecycle processes and reduce helpdesk backlog with out-of-the-box delegation apps and web forms for entitlement requests
  • Provision baseline entitlements and disable inactive users accordingly for students and staff with near-real-time Access Governance
  • Flexibility to suit varied district environments - such as giving teachers the ability to reset their students' passwords or linking both a regular and privileged account to an individual system administrators
  • Help ensure security and compliance with reporting and logging capabilities for monitoring activity, gathering intelligence, and compiling audit trails